Banister Infant and Nursery School Project

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Project Description

O’Dwyer Steel’s role involved the steel detailing, workshop fabrication and on-time delivery of the core steel structure for this three storey primary school building. This project is part of Southampton City Councils £13 million investment plan for the development of modern learning environments for pupils replacing old, time expired school accommodation. The Banister Infant and Nursery School Project is to the forefront of the UK’s local authority ambitions to drive down the cost of public sector buildings.


Project Size:
33.314 Tonnes of Pre-Fabricated steel structure.

Floor Area:
2670 sqm.

Project Duration:

Banister School was the first project O’Dwyer Steel undertook following their upgrade to the Tekla Steel Detailing software package. This Tekla software provided the detailing team with the modelling tools to improve quality and customer satisfaction through the Building Information Modelling (BIM) environment, throughout the design process.

Combination of Universal Beam & Column design at ground floor level up to third floor, roof level.

Project Details
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