Sand Gallop Harrow

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Project Description

Sand Gallop Harrow
Our Harrow is vital in the continued performance and extended life span of your riding surface. Our harrow is designed to help your riding surface level, help drainage while protecting the membrane with the adjustable height control.
Mounted on a three point linkage our harrow is available with a double crumblier on the back and adjustable working height with reversible pointed tines on the front. The combination of crumblier provides more compaction. Our Harrow can be fabricated to suit various widths of arena.


  • Reversible pointed tines
  • Adjustable working height
  • Fabricated to suit various widths of arena’s
  • Three point linkage
  • Fine and Course crumbler to provide the best finish possible

Please click link below to view video of Sand Gallop Harrow in action.

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